Madfut 24: Pondering the Release amidst the EA Sports FC 24 Buzz

The anticipation bubbles, the whispers grow louder, and as football gaming season dawns upon us, the biggest question on our minds is not just about EA Sports FC 24, but rather its fan-favourite companion – Madfut 24. When will this coveted fan app make its grand entrance? Let’s delve into the realm of speculation and try to pin down a date.

prediction about madfut 24 coming out

A New Era for Football Gaming

This year indeed marks a seismic shift in the world of football gaming. With EA and FIFA parting ways after years of partnership, fans are both curious and excited about the future. Despite the split, EA remains undeterred, gearing up to launch the much-anticipated EA Sports FC 24 this autumn. And where EA ventures forth, can Madfut be far behind?

Decoding the Silence

While the official channels of Madfut remain tight-lipped, history might just offer the clues we seek. Remember last year? The suspense was palpable, the silence almost deafening, until Madfut 23 made a surprise entry, catching many off guard.

Predicting Madfut 24’s Grand Entry

So, when should we expect Madfut 24? Although there’s no official word yet, our best guess places its release in early-to-mid October 2023. How did we arrive at this timeline, you ask? EA Sports FC 24 is set to debut on 29th September, with those opting for the Ultimate Edition getting a head start on 22nd September. Taking cues from the past, Madfut traditionally launches a bit after the main game. For instance, while FIFA 24 unfurled its magic with early access on 27th September and a full release on 30th September, Madfut 23 didn’t hit the shops until 5th October on Android and 17th October on Apple iOS. Connecting the dots, it’s safe to speculate a similar timeline this year.

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A Glimpse into the Beta World

Dying for a sneak peek? While we fondly recall the Madfut 23 beta that gave fans a taste before the full-fledged app release, there’s currently no news about a similar treat for Madfut 24. Fingers crossed that we hear something soon!

Wrapping Up

As we wait with bated breath for official announcements, our speculation hats are firmly on. The coming weeks promise a flurry of activity in the football gaming world. And while we’re ecstatic about diving into EA Sports FC 24, the allure of Madfut 24 remains undeniably strong. Here’s hoping our predictions hit the mark, and may the best of football gaming await us this autumn!