Madfut 24 Beta Guide: Access, Features, and More

Discover everything about the Madfut 24 beta, including how to access it on iOS, the exciting features, and how long the beta will last. Get insights into the game’s new elements, Draft Ranks, and whether progress carries over.

how to access madfut 24 beta ios

The Madfut 24 beta has finally made its debut! Following a period of silence between the conclusion of support for Madfut 23 and the introduction of the next installment, a beta test is now available for eager players to jump into the action ahead of time.

How to Access Madfut 24 Beta on iOS?

If you’re an iOS user, gaining access to the Madfut 24 beta is a straightforward process. You’ll need to be enrolled in Apple Test Flight. Begin by downloading the Test Flight app from the App Store and log in using your Apple ID.

Once you’ve successfully signed up for Test Flight, follow this link and confirm your desire to download the Madfut 24 beta. There’s no approval process to go through, granting you direct access to download the app and embark on some early access gaming!

What’s Included in the Madfut 24 Beta

With access to the Madfut 24 beta, you’ll find an array of game modes and components at your disposal:

  1. Daily Pack
  2. Draft of the Day (with an archive of previous drafts)
  3. Fatal
  4. Packs
  5. Latest Cards
  6. Market
  7. LTM (Higher or Lower)
  8. Draft Modes
  9. Objectives
  10. SBCs (Squad Building Challenges)
  11. My Badges
  12. Collections
  13. My Cards
  14. Trading
  15. Squad Builder
  16. About

These are all features familiar to players who’ve experienced Madfut 23 or previous iterations. However, the Madfut 24 beta introduces exclusive new elements:

The most significant change is the introduction of Draft Ranks, where you accumulate Draft Building Points each time you create a draft. These points contribute to weekly leaderboards, offering opportunities to earn more prizes.

Moreover, you can now access previous Drafts of the Day, allowing you to tackle challenges you might have missed earlier. This, alongside new search features, a wider variety of packs, a “sort by Fatal status” feature, and a new League format in Draft Cups, enhances your gaming experience.

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madfut 24 beta ios

Madfut 24 Beta End Date

As of now, the exact end date for the Madfut 24 beta remains undisclosed. It is expected to conclude before the full release of Madfut 24, giving developers time to address player feedback. We will update this guide with the specific end date once it becomes available.

Does Madfut 24 Beta Progress Carry Over

A moderator on the Madfut subreddit appears to have confirmed that progress made in the Madfut 24 beta will indeed carry over to the base game, a practice consistent with previous titles.

For more information check official Reddit Link.


In summary, the Madfut 24 beta offers iOS users an exciting early taste of the game. With a range of features, including Draft Ranks and access to previous challenges, it’s a promising update. While the beta’s end date is unknown, progress will carry over, making it a must-try for Madfut fans. Get ready for a thrilling gaming experience!